It was rather unusual to see Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan enjoying each others company .No the 2 haven't patched up instead both the stars met each other to celebrate Sallu's 45th birthday .Bonding with Salman and his family as well we hear that Katrina came to sallu's place to wish him in advance for his birthday.So long ago it was reported that Katrina appeared in Big boss 4 for her promotion of her movie and even Salman was present at that show then Kat felt uncomfortable and literally moved to tears,but itseems rumors were put to rest and it now appears that the 2 are still good friends .Apparently sources claim that Salman was very friendly with Kat and they had a blast chatting up after a long time.Whats interesting is that Salman even aconite Kat all the way to her car when she was leaving and waited at the door till her leaving and her car zoomed away.H mm...must say Salman would have been one happy man ...


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