Blame it on the bad script or performance or even sheer bad luck, 2010 hasn't proved to be lucky for quite a lot of directors and their films.well i list u some of the biggest movies in 2010...
The first flick movie of the year 'Kites' was worst flop of 2010.All though the movie had some hot steamy and intimate scenes between the actors 'Kites' couldn't simply just fly high.The highly anticipated movie 'Ravaan' starring Abishek Bachan and wife Aishwarya rai turned out to be a total disaster .Khiladi Akshay Kumar's romantic comedy 'Khatta Meeta' was rejected by the audiences.this movie proved to be a huge disappointment to Akshay's fans.The movie 'Action replay' based on 70's was also not successful which stared Aishwarya opposite Akshay kumar ,this film couldn't hold the audience for long.Then the Sanjay Leela's 'Guzaarish' proved to be a flop film even though critics appreciated it,staring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya rai the genral marks is it couldn't quite reacted to story which looks straight out of a novel ,how ever Hrithik's performance was highly appreciated..
It seems except for a selected few 2010 just couldn't prove profitable


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