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Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan have been bonding fit time for a while now.Their personal rapo is now likely to extend to professional level as well.King Khan has been offered a role in Roshan's home production 'Krish 2'.Shah Rukh and Hrithik are best 2 in the industry today .It was but natural for the Roshan senior to hetch a role in his sons flick for buddy as well . Srk has told them that he can be available on after the release of his production ''.Buzz is that Depika Padukone is also finalized for 'Krish 2'.After the debacle of 'Kites' and 'Guzaarish' papa Roshan has taken upon himself to ensure that his sons career gets back on track and considering 'Koyi Mil gaya' and 'Krish' did well at the box office it is time to superhero to create magic again on screen ...

While 2010 was not so happening for the Bollywood industry, 2011 certainly promises to be a better one.With the interesting lines up the film set to release in 2011 ,audiences are in for a variety . A good mix of comedy , Drama , Action , Animation , Suspense , Thriller so 2011 will be full masti and dhamal.We give you a lowdown of some of the films...

Here starts with a bang.Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan starrer 'No One Killed Jessica' releases on 7th of Jan which will be followed by Deol's 'Yamla Pagla Deewana' , Amir's 'Dhobi Ghat' , Madhu Bandarkar's 'Dil Toh Baccha Hai ji' , Akshay kumar's starrer 'Patiyala House' and Shah rukh will hit back with 'Don 2',Hrithik will be seen in multi starrer movie 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' , ,Karan Johar's 'Agneeepath' remake , Abishek Bachan will be back with 'Dum Maro Dum' , Salman will be pairing with Asin for 'Ready' , Kareena Kapoor in 'Body Gaurd'..........
So thats quite a lot we churned out in coming year ,and 2011 we definetly look forward too...What say guys !!!..

Blame it on the bad script or performance or even sheer bad luck, 2010 hasn't proved to be lucky for quite a lot of directors and their films.well i list u some of the biggest movies in 2010...
The first flick movie of the year 'Kites' was worst flop of 2010.All though the movie had some hot steamy and intimate scenes between the actors 'Kites' couldn't simply just fly high.The highly anticipated movie 'Ravaan' starring Abishek Bachan and wife Aishwarya rai turned out to be a total disaster .Khiladi Akshay Kumar's romantic comedy 'Khatta Meeta' was rejected by the audiences.this movie proved to be a huge disappointment to Akshay's fans.The movie 'Action replay' based on 70's was also not successful which stared Aishwarya opposite Akshay kumar ,this film couldn't hold the audience for long.Then the Sanjay Leela's 'Guzaarish' proved to be a flop film even though critics appreciated it,staring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya rai the genral marks is it couldn't quite reacted to story which looks straight out of a novel ,how ever Hrithik's performance was highly appreciated..
It seems except for a selected few 2010 just couldn't prove profitable

It was rather unusual to see Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan enjoying each others company .No the 2 haven't patched up instead both the stars met each other to celebrate Sallu's 45th birthday .Bonding with Salman and his family as well we hear that Katrina came to sallu's place to wish him in advance for his birthday.So long ago it was reported that Katrina appeared in Big boss 4 for her promotion of her movie and even Salman was present at that show then Kat felt uncomfortable and literally moved to tears,but itseems rumors were put to rest and it now appears that the 2 are still good friends .Apparently sources claim that Salman was very friendly with Kat and they had a blast chatting up after a long time.Whats interesting is that Salman even aconite Kat all the way to her car when she was leaving and waited at the door till her leaving and her car zoomed away.H mm...must say Salman would have been one happy man ...

Bollywood hot actress Sonal Chauhan hot photoshoot for the Man magazine,she is really hot friends as u can look at the image where in she has worn only a jacket as the top and her are seen from the side, she looks really erotic....

Bollywood hot actress Dia mirza graces the cover of ANDpersand magazine for this december month,she is like a bottle of champagne,she bursts forth like a golden bubbly,strong yet intoxicating,effervescence yet mature,biological father's surname about her influence on her life and is as the forth coming about the casting couch in bollywood as about her crush for American wise u can know more about Dia in this magazine...

Hot actress Sayali Bhagat covers the Model Trends magazine cover page,for this monthe december 2010,she is looking hot and on the page . She is looking gorgeous with her mesmerizing smile. A perfect blend of romance and beauty Sayali is the dream of every man. Like wise there are many facets of this charming beauty in candid interview on page 44 of this issue ...

Looks like after his girlfriend Katrina Kaif was named as the hottest Asian woman, actor Ranbir Kapoor too was planning to notch the top slot. And interestingly he did so as he was recently voted as the hottest Asian Man... Ranbir kapoor clenched the Asian Man title beating off compitition from favourites John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan .The poll was conducted by international weekely Eastern Eye .Famous for his high profile romances and break up the cator was coated saying "It feels good to be wanted by so many womens ".Ranbir who made acting debut with Sanjay Leela Bansali's mega budget film 'Saavaria' had been going strong since his launch days. Bollywood hunk John Abraham narrowely missed around top 4 by finishing 2nd.Hrithik occupied the 3rd .Ranbir Kapoor was in news recently when his x girl friend Deepika Padukone and co star Sonam Kapoor labeled him as uncool and unclassy. Surely after bagging the title Ranbir has definetly proved his metal.What say girls !!!

Most people who saw Bigg Boss on Saturday night could sense how uncomfortable Katrina Kaif appeared in the presence of ex-beau Salman Khan. Though she kept up appearances, despite his constant jibes at her.The actress have made several television appearances to promote her film 'Tees Maar khan' looks nervous and awekword .Obviously it was not without the reason that throwed the actress to the edge. Her working with Ranbir kapoor ,her favoutite co star Akshay kumar and even her ability rather inability to say to speak hindi,though it was all in good fun the presuure being national tv with her formal frame which just too much for the actress and she just snapped after a point.As Farah was found inside the big boss house ,Kat was left alone on the stage for a grater part of the show .At first she played along but after a point she couldn't take his dig .She broke down and retreated to make up room .When she returend the portion were reshoot ......

Actress Sonakshi Sinha has shot down reports that she posed in a bikini for the cover of Maxim magazine.A photograph published on India Today's website shows Sonakshi wearing a white bikini but the magazine's cover shows her wearing a black dress.Sonakshi who made a bollywood debut as a simple village girl with Salman Khan starer Dabanng has set her records well.That she would never wear revealing clothes in her films,she gone the popularity .The new comer set to change her onscreen image in next two films 'Kick' where she will romance Salman again and Akshay kumar starer 'Joker'.

Kissing is second nature to Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi considering that he has been doing it from the beginning of his career in Bollywood. In an industry where actors still act coy when asked to do the lip locking act, Emraan Hashmi is proud to be known by the name of the serial kisser of Bollywood and he does not plan to stop anytime soon.Well we have once heard that Emraan Hashmi saying that he stopped smooching costar once he became a daddy.And there were lots of rumors that the actor would lock lips no more once he tied the knot with his long time girl friend .But looks like his wife has not seen Emraan and there is definitely stopping the kissing man of bollywood....

Aishwarya Rai may not be really having her time as far as box office goes but she clearly does beliving in the saying "A certain time save nine",with 3 major flops this year Ash belives its never too late to mend the damage.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who shot with British actress Kate Winslet for a commercial, shares her experience of working with her,when asked that 3 beautiful women together in one frame any film maker films so what Kate gave u on taking revolutionary role did she..? Aishwaryarai said "No its not like that be both come on with same spirit each one has their own body of experience ,varied,prolific and obviously work for industry for which we are grateful for,the kind of appreciation we received from our viewers,and with in that short period we could exchange so much and so easily which is great,u bring ease in our work space and thats why working together becomes wonderful." Well it has been anything but sweet for Aishwarya rai at box office,and springs to her husbands defence.she said "I think u can pick out him as a one co-star than my husband because fact is that for me personally its coming from the place of truth ,i have had a wonderful year,and im very very grateful ,films live their destiny ,but when u walk over ,it not necessary for a film to do well near the box office ,as a team it hurts because its an industry and business of film making ..."

Now if u pay close attention towards Koffee with Karan and when u noticed that Kareena is rather green envy about the famous 'Love Aaj Kal' kiss, but really Saif is a much braver man when we gave him credit for,Yes absolutely now Saif is ready to do all over it again not just the kiss,but an entire film with Deepika Padukone,he says that Deepika is grown a lot as an actress after 'Love Aaj Kal',So i think its a certain end to Kareena who's growing her size out,they are looking they they will be noticed all over again.not Saif and Kareena but the lovely 'Lov Aaj Kal' pair yes, with the chote nawab chemistry with pretty miss Padukone in first production ,then y mess for the winning formula,ya the 2 will reunite for the next home production,which apparently takes off from their 'Love aaj Kal' ending,saif said " I'm looking forward to work with Deepika again,she has a fantastic role and she has grown as an actress since 'Love Aaj Kal...".The film remarked the reunion of the much successful team with interesting new edition,directed by Homi Adajania,they are confident that this film will break the curve,Deepika said " Time definitely i think is definitely the most instrumental things in all our lifes,whether its for love,whether its for money,whether its for success...".So should bebo be worried..? think not after all she is working out with him in "Agent Vinod" perhaps their "Kurbaan" was not successful and led them a little worried,after all since she hasn't ranked particullarly on Saif's hot list of heroines,First he said looking at Priyanka chopra,and now Deepika.Saif said "I really don't think about with whom im signing a film ,i think about the script,so that way im finallising.." Well he is playing safe with the box office ,Lets hope that it doesn't mean he is playing with fire on home front...........

'Dostana' was a Bollywood movie which has created sensation in bollywood film industry.Many people felt that it would be nice if a squel of this movie comes and now the day has come and all people's wish would be full filled,yes guys and gals very soonly ull be seeing 'Dostana 2' to hit the silver screens, and even in this movie John and Abhishke will be seen in guest role again,but the latest buzz is that in place of Priyanka Chopra we will be seeing Katrina Kaif,and for this movie John is trying to lose his weight inorder to look slim,i think no one has forgotten 'Dostana' this film was a block buster movie having John and Abhishek in guest appearance role.and previously it was Priyanka who entertained us with hot performnace and now we will be seeing the girl Katrina Kaif in the movie, the director is wishing to direct this 'Dostana 2' even more boldly and even more entertainingly.

The dazzling Bollywood jodi of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif recently unveiled the all new Filmfare Anniversary issue for the month of December. The special issue features the 'Tees Maar Khan' duo on the cover of the magazine.Dressed aptly for the event Akshay looked super cool and hot in black Cheston while Katrina looked stunningly and gradient in a white short dress, here is the filmfare magazine cover for u which features Katrinakaif and Akshay kumar,they both look stunning on the cover where in Akshay is dressed in black suit while Katrina is hot in off the shoulder maroon-coloured tube gown.this is the special anniversary issue of Filmfare magazine,which costs only Rs.50,it also features Star fantasies:from super heros to show girls... Hrithik ,Ranbir ,Kareena ,Priyanka unleash their secret desires in dramatic photoshoot... Snapped!!! filmfare's paparazzi snoops on Amithab Bhachan ,aishwarya and Amir khan.... X factor-what gives SRK and Aishwarya the cutting edge..?..More pages..More Glamour.. More Excitement.. More extravaganza for this X-mas... check out the hot photoshoot..

Bollywood hot beautifull gorgeous actress Aishwarya Rai graces the cover of Elle india magazine for the December issue,this hot actress is looking stunning on the cover,she has worn a gown which is a mixture of cream and wheat color,the gown is having many flits with which she is looking like a doll,This is a 14th Anniversary issue for Elle.On the cover page u can look at the words written as the mystique of Aishwarya rai by Pritish Nandy.He has written ..The Enchantress ,they dont make stars like her anymore,she is ethereal,enigmatic and casts spells wherever she goes,Elle deconstructs the mystique of Aishwarya.This edition also consists of Elle style awards 2010,Wills lifestyle India fashion week which is a supplement inside and lot many upto 24 pages and it just costs Rs.75 is the Ash babe on the look at the photo..

Busy with the promotion of her forthcoming movie, 'Band Baaja Baarat', the model turned actress Anushka Sharma made the shutterbugs go click-click when she revealed a way bit too much of her cleavage at a recent event.The sultry actress was seen along with costar ranveer singh at the wedding organised by them as a part of contest.Although the actress dint go bold with her costumes in Badmash company ,this time around she looked undoubtedly pretty in a saree ,but her plunging neck line combined with her slippery pallu din'tcrabed the Audiance attention.Next time be carefull when u experiment with ur looks and be carefull with ur dresses Anushka Darling ..

Friends i have collected the list of actresses of bollywood who top this year,i have made this list based on their number of films and which where hit films ,if we go we have in first position the gorgeous Ash who is topped this year because of her films and also renumeration she has taken,and the list consists of Kajol ,deepika ,katrina ,kareena ,vidya ,sen ,Genelia ,Priynaka ,Sonam ,Sonakshi etc,so do have a look at the actresses below..

Aishwarya rai,she is symbol of beauty,this hot girl stands first this year as the top actress, babe has done Ravaan in two languages but it dissapointed her since it was a flop,and coming to Guzaarish it was an average film,even action replay comes under that catogery but the film Enthiran or Robo which was released in 3 different languages was a block buster movie which had breaked all the records,Ash took the highest renumeration of 6.5 crores for this film.

Kajol is well known for her acting prowess, exuberance, and a family of successful filmi-types. She is vulnerable, fierce, and a complete natural.She has acted in 'My Name Is Khan' and this was a hit film ,in this bollywood movie she was paired with SRK as we all know they look awesome on screen.Kajol took 2nd place.

Sonakshi Sinha the bollywood latest hottest girl has performed superbly in her first film itself and she has become the crazy actress with the movie 'Dabanng',she is also doing in a 3D movie with Akshay kumar titled 'Joker',along with this movie she is having two more projects in her hand 'kick' and 'Race 2' which are in pre production stage,So as her first film is a sensational hit film so she stands second in the list.Hot actress bagged 3rd position.

Sonam kapoor appeared in Punit Malhotra's I Hate Luv Storys opposite Imran Khan. The film went on to become her first box office success. She also appeared in the romantic comedy, Aisha, opposite Abhay Deol. lady stands in 4th position.

Katrina kaif,Barbie doll of bollywood stands in 5th position,she has done was Raajneeti, where she appeared opposite Ranbir Kapoor. The film did extremely well at the box office, receiving a blockbuster status. she is having another film for release which is 'Tees Maar Khan'.

Kareena kapoor , zero size bebo of bollywood is also in the list, she stands 6th position, She has done 2 films 'milenge Milenge' and 'Golmaal 3', both were average films.

Deepika Padukone,bollywood kingfisher model,this hot beauty has done 3 to 4 films this year but stills they were all average films and her latest release Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se was a flop film,so she stands in 7th position.

Priyanka chopra,has done Pyaar Impossible,Anjaana Anjaani both did not do well near the box office and she is having filims which are yet to be released like Don 2 – The Chase Continues and Saat Khoon Maaf.This actress stands in 8th position.

Sushmita sen and Genelia stand in 9th position ,Sen has done two average films Dulha Mil Gaya and No Problem,Genelia has appeared in Chance Pe Dance and she is having Hook Ya Crook which is in preproduction stage.

Who would have thought Vidya Balan could play a femme fatale? She shed her good girl stereotype with Ishqiya, earlier this year. And she did carry off the character of the mysterious and seductive Krishna Verma well.

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