Marisa Miller looking like the major hottie that she is Holy cats, the guys from FHM will feature an amazing photoshoot with Marisa Miller in their August 2010 Issue where this peach struts her stuff playing the girl next door and looking beyond hot! We can’t really say she’s still just a girl but she’s definitely great for a housewife next door fantasy which is just enough to turn us on. Marisa was crowned a couple of months ago as the hottest Woman in the World by FHM and she’s definitely one of our favorites too. This babe looks ridiculously hot 24/7 and I’m pretty sure you will love every single pictures you’ll find with her.

Until now, as you probably realize, I’ve seen many, many photoshoots with Marisa but this one from FHM has to be one of her hotest shoots ever. Actually, these are some of the photos I’ve ever seen with any girl I think. Enjoy!We’ve seen some pretty great Marisa Miller pics in the past (pretty much every photo of her ever taken qualifies), but these photos of Marisa for FHM as a “Girl Next Door” in celebration of her being named the hottest Woman in the World for 2010 have certainly earned their rightful place in the pantheon of fantastic Marisa Miller photos. As we reported earlier, Marisa Miller is the cover girl for the August 2010 issue of FHM Magazine. Enjoy our favorite Victoria’s Secret model’s stunning “girl next door” photoshoot!

Sensuous Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller covers FHM August 2010 issue. Magazine features Marisa Miller’s bikini bod perfectly. Marisa Miller is also FHM’s Woman in the World 2010. Check out, Marisa Miller entitled hottest Woman in the World 2010 by FHM. She topped 100 Sec - iest poll 2010, leaving behind Megan Fox.In one picture, Marisa is photographed in her dressing gown reading newspaper and in another she is in her garden playing role of housewife. 2010 Sec - iest Woman in the World, Marisa Miller is flaunting her curves beautifully.
The 31-year-old this model steals the crown from last year’s winner, Megan Fox. Marisa calls the honor “hugely humbling and flattering.”Marisa let FHM into her home for an exclusive photo shoot in her garden, where she opened her gates and let her dressing gown hang free. She says, “I know men are very visual, so I thought it would be fun to play up the housewife-next-door fantasy.”Marisa Miller FHM August 2010 issue will hit newsstands on July 8.

The super model Marisa Miller who a few months ago was considered the hottest woman on earth for the MAXIM magazine, returns to do her thing with a new photo shoot, this time for FHM magazine in its August issue 2010 publication named her as the hottest and grabbed the title from Megan Fox.

Marisa Miller, which he did not “intrigued” by her loveliness? The plan, 31-year-old model will adorn the cover of FHM magazine August edition.

Marisa stole the crown of victory success of the predicate version of FHM sec - iest woman Megan Fox who previously carried. Marisa get luck with that distinction, one of which became the cover of FHM. Brand underwear model for Victoria’s Secret board was very flattered to be given predicate confessed seciest women.

To that end, Marisa allow FHM doing an exclusive photo shoot in his house. In one pose, she looks middle of the paper, smoothing down the hair. she let the robe open freely, so that body covered only one set of underwear nude color pink, looks very clear. While in other poses, she using a lawn mower when wearing denim hot pants and bra patterned red boxes.

“I know that he is very visual. So I think it would be fun to play hot. role as a housewife who harass fantasy next door neighbor, “he said as quoted Justjared, Monday (05/07/2010).

News has previously said, the results of FHM magazine readers poll as a whole set the predicate of the hotest women on the planet fell to him. American model was successfully pocketing more than one million votes. The voters of whom came from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, China, France, India and South Africa.

FHM Magazine UK editor, Colin Kennedy said: “Marisa Miller deserve that distinction because it has hot appeal that could attract the attention of all men in the world,” he explained.

“By showing strength in more than 20 territories, he garnered more votes than others. That’s what makes her officially be the seciest woman on the planet, “the lid.


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