Not only for all the girls but even for the heroines and actresses Ranbir Kapoor is the dream boy , thats y every one call him as a romantic man but he feels that he doesnt want that image, Ranbir kapoor has Casanova image that is nothing but womanizer , till today he used to not even care for his image nor for the rumors on him , but now he is totally against all his rumors , he tells that he is not a Casanova and he is a normal guy like others,at his first shooting spot itself he was moving very close to Sonam kapoor , then he ditched her and then he made Deepika padukone as his girl friend, continuing his love story with her he has given his heart to Katrina kaif at the shooting of Rajneeti , Katrina told bye to Salman becoz she was flattered by the handsome hunk Ranbir, but now latest buzz is that he left off Katrina and he is moving close with another two hot babes ,by hearing to all these rumors his parents were upset and so this young hero says that he is not a casanova and his relationship with Nargis is just friendship and he doesnt have any relation with ANushka Sharma ...


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