It is indeed the task to be in limelight all the time and who knows it better than our bollywood celebs...? the latest best example is actor Salman khan,the Dabanng actor in his recent interview mobbed his friend turened Co Shah Rukh Khan.U must be wondering whats new in that... well guys this time its different.. after SRK apologies on national television saying that 'If things are not great between me and Salman then its probably my fault. Salman then choosed to give him a firm reply . During a recent interview Salman was coated saying 'I and SRK cant patch up ,if he was really sorry he could have always knocked on my door or he could have messaged me in private but he did so on national television that was highly dramatic". Ok right ,we got ur point Salman .The 2 had a face off for 2 years ago at Katrina's birthday party after which their was no looking back . But looks like after this incident the patch up between 2 khans is distant reality. well its to SRK who khnows best to y he said gain TRP rating or just to gain Sympathy ... its over to u SRK.....


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